Practice Areas Overview

Do you need assistance with a real estate closing, land subdivision, or a §1031 exchange? Do you sometimes feel hopelessly lost in the legal red tape of real estate when all you wish to do is simply buy, sell, or lease a piece of property? Have you dealt with lawyers who seemed almost as confused as you were? Isn’t it time you tried an attorney whose background and experience is broad within the specific area of real estate law?

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We assist clients on a daily basis, helping them to manage successfully the transfer of property in all areas of real estate law including:

Commercial Real Estate
We enjoy working with real estate entrepreneurs and are excited when people take the plunge and purchase a piece of property that they can refurbish and sell or lease. We have the same background and want to see you succeed at your undertaking. Our Cranford real estate lawyer has served as a director of a redevelopment agency as well as a municipal attorney — we can offer you insights and options you may not have considered. Additionally, we can assist if a commercial property purchase is ancillary to the purchase of an existing business.

Residential Real Estate
Buying a home for the first time can be an exciting experience. But when you run into legal glitches and don’t know where to turn, it is easy for that perception to turn to concern and stress. Perhaps you’ve made a business of buying homes, refurbishing them, and reselling them for a profit — you may have gone through the process several times, but have come up against a legal roadblock that threatens your work. In either case, you want Gary S. Goodman, Attorney at Law, on your side. We provide effective, experienced service to our clients every day.

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