Commercial Real Estate Attorney Serving New Jersey

Let’s face it — there is a genuine feeling of excitement surrounding the sale, purchase, or development of a piece of land for commercial use. The occasion not only marks a new beginning, but also touches on something of the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone. We understand this spirit — our background in real estate has prepared us to help others wanting to do the same thing.

While there can be snags, holdups, and surprises along the way that can hinder you in your progress, you don’t have to let them discourage you from achieving your goals. For assistance with all of your commercial real estate needs, contact Gary S. Goodman, Attorney at Law, today.

With a strong background, helping people just like you with legal matters pertaining to real estate law, our New Jersey real estate law firm can offer you qualified assistance with issues related to:

  • Commercial real estate leasing
  • Zoning
  • Rezoning
  • Land use law
  • Tax re-exchanges
  • Section 1031 exchanges

You may want to purchase an existing commercial property to start that restaurant you’ve always talked about, or are interested in leasing a property you’ve refurbished. We want to make the process go smoothly for you, and help you avoid the headache that such transactions can become if you don’t understand the legal ramifications. Contact Gary S. Goodman, Attorney at Law, today to schedule an initial consultation with a commercial real estate lawyer.